Whilst in Padstow, visiting Prideaux Place is a must do. Here is a great suggestion of a circular walk taking in some spectacular sea and estuary views along the way.

Starting from the Padstow Tourist Information Centre head towards the Ship Wrights Pub on the other side of the harbour.  As the name suggests, this was once a workshop and warehouse supplying timber to the boatyards of the town.  Padstow was at one time an exceptionally busy ship-building port with 5 yards operating here in the 1850s.  Continue past the pub up the slope towards the War Memorial.  From here you will have amazing views of Rock, the Camel Estuary and out to sea.  On your left you will see some benches, walk past these and follow the path until you reach St Saviour’s Lane, take the first right on to Fentonluna Lane.  After a short while you will come across Fentonluna Well, the well’s granite arch is dated 1592 and commemorates the completion of Prideaux House.  The stones came from the original gate house entrance which was demolished in the 1750s.  This is supposedly the original well which served the early Priory.

At the end of Fentonluna Lane turn right and you will see the splendour of Prideaux Place!  This Elizabethan Manor House was built in 1592 on the site of a monastic grange, previously inhabited by the former Barton of the Monks of Bodmin.  Today the house is still owned and lived in by the Prideaux family after 14 unbroken generations.  It is open to the public at times throughout the Summer, check their website for details.  Many big screen productions have been filmed here.

Another great reason to visit Prideaux Place is their 22 acre Deer Park. The herd of fallow deer at Prideaux Place is thought to be one of the oldest park herds in the country. The Park itself has been dated back to its enclosure by the Romans in 435AD though not necessarily in its present form.  Legend has it that if the deer die out, then so does the Prideaux family. In February 1927 the herd was supplemented with a new master buck sent via the Great Western Railway by King George V from the herd at Windsor. Unfortunately the animal did not get the chance to improve the bloodline as was hoped, for the following morning the gamekeeper set out to cull the old master buck and shot the King’s buck instead!

Enjoy the sight of the deer whilst taking a light lunch, a glass of wine or afternoon tea in the licensed Terrace Tearoom overlooking the Deer Park with its views across the Camel Estuary.  Feeding times are very popular with visitors and you can even feed them yourself!  Feeding times vary so if you are planning your visit to include this experience then please check the time beforehand by contacting the Administrator on 01841 532411 or by email office@prideauxplace.co.uk

Don’t forget to book a yourself a tour of the House too!   Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm, it is a truly memorable experience.

For more information please visit  https://padstowlive.com/things-to-do/prideaux-place/