PATBF is a limited company and some of the committee members of PATBF are company directors.

Chairman –  Mr James O’Keefe, Tor View B&B

Company Secretary – Situation vacant

PATBF Committee Secretary – situation vacant

Other Committee Members:

Mr Andrew Stephens, The Old Ship Hotel

Mr Alex Barnes, Padstow Touring Park

Mr Chris Grant, Brookdale B&B, Wadebridge

Mrs Tina Evans, Symply Padstow B&B, Padstow

Jessica Hagley, Padstow Park and Ride

Sarah Prosser, The Padstow Coffee Company

The PATBF committee is further split into sub committees:

TIC Committee – James O’Keefe, Alex Barnes, Andrew Stephens, Tina Evans

Business Committee –  James O’Keefe, Chris Grant, Andrew Stephens

Please contact the TIC if you are interested in sitting on any of the sub committees