Helston, TR13 3EQ

22 Aug 2023 - 26 Apr 2023

Hellys International Guitar Festival takes place in Helston, Cornwall – the UK’s most southerly town. “Hellys” is the old Cornish word for Helston.

We set up the project in the winter of 2016, with the idea of producing a local festival that would attract global talent to Cornwall and give opportunities to local concert artists. By our second year we were being talked about across the world, and visitors came from as far away as Poland in the east and California in the west, to savour what is essentially a microcosm of some of the biggest guitar festivals worldwide.

Our first three seasons were at The Old Cattle Market. We loved our time there and will always be grateful for the support the staff at the OCM gave us in the early years of our project. For seasons four and five, we planned to move, but the 2020 and 2021 editions were cancelled due to the pandemic. In 2022 we moved to in the the newly refurbished Epworth Centre in the middle of town.

Whether you are a local or a tourist on holiday, we welcome you and your friends and family, and hope you will have a great time at Hellys 2023!