Two miles south of Padstow on the A389 to Wadebridge lie the adjoining parishes of St Issey and Little Petherick.

Saints founded both parishes and the Saint’s Way passes through the villages on its way to Fowey. Both parishes had several mills including a tidal gristmill at Sea Mills in St Issey. Mr Tregaskis, a previous owner of Sea Mills, was a member of the Total Abstinence Society and he tried to pursuade the people of Padstow to abandon their ‘Obby Oss’ celebrations. He offered them a free ox to roast for the next seven years if they would cease the festival. Needless to say he was driven out of town and the ‘Obby Oss’ celebrations still thrive. The remains of the mill’s old sea wall that trapped the tides are still visible and both the Old Mill at Little Petherick and Mellingey Mill still have working waterwheels today.

Mining and quarrying were also past parish industries but the copper mining has long since ceased. Although the area is now mainly devoted to farming, tourism has become important with the Crealy Adventure Park being nearby. If you seek the typical Cornish village and a glimpse into the Cornish way of life, then take a look at what St Issey and Little Petherick have to offer –  you won’t be disappointed.