Bodmin, PL31 2NR


Bodmin Jail – World Class Attraction – reopening in May 2020
This imposing granite structure is nestled a hillside overlooking the picturesque Camel trail and peaceful Scarletts Well. The original part of the jail was built on behalf of King George III in 1779 and saw over 50 public hangings during it’s time as a public and naval penal centre. The tormented souls of these unfortunates still roam the dark and formidable depths of the jail to this day, leaving visitors with a feeling of anticipation of what, or who, may be lurking around the next corner as they meander throughout the atmospheric passages.

History fact – The Crown Jewels were given a haven at the jail during turbulent times, and in WW1 the jail held state papers and the Doomsday Book for safe keeping.

The Bodmin Jail Attraction now incorporates the ‘Dark Walk’ experience; featuring the latest technology and theatrical effects in four linked experiences that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the life & death within the prison walls and the region as a whole.Ghostly voices from Cornwall’s murky past will appear alongside highway robbers, smugglers and prolific former inmates; following their journeys through sentencing, life in prison, and finally the condemned cell leading to the Execution Zone.

A nerve-jangling & thrilling experience, never to be forgotten!